Final Production Blog Update

For this final production blog update for this week and the project over all, it was a success. Jenna was great as the creative lead and also as the director of her film, but I feel that she was little too rough when it come to the communication between as the director and the staff, like me for example. I was always there for her and her shoot. I have always help her with the lighting, with the sets up of the light sets, with the clean up and packing and loading of light set and advises on what she could do to be better. And yet she have the nerve to say I’m not doing enough for the team. Maggie although didn’t did much  other than to be the actor of the film, she did great for the project considering she also had animation class to work on. J did what he was told and then some more. J also help with the editing of the video. Matt was great at his job and also for a cameraman. As for me, I’ve learn a lot this semester in this class. I not only learn that being the light guy can be difficult, but I have also learn things that I’ve not learn before like there need to be better team work, to be more prepare when it comes to checking out the equipment needed for the shoot. The differences between the hot light and the cool light(LED) but that there is huge differences when you film in different frame ratio like 2d vs 4d and how different 30 fps to 60 fps and 90 fps. It made a world of difference when it comes to the final result of the video quality in term of smoothest.


4th Blog Post

Gesture, knowing how to draw gesture is just as important as just knowing how to render a picture. It is important because it often time in storyboard, the storyboard artist would be require knowing how to draw gesture because even if you are not doing stop motion.



knowing how to draw gesture are just as commonly use for storyboard because the artist must know how to carry the character’s gesture and motion over onto table, according to some book written by of some torso012the most well know artist like Walt Stanchfield. So for this blog update, I would do some exercise for drawing gestures.





COH 022

COH 024

Production blog update Dec. 8

For this week, we finished our film shooting and are now moving into final production clean up and assembly stage. We revealed the post cut video editing video to find out what need to be done and fix up. So for the final touch up, Jenna and Jianan was going over through the clips of what need to be done and fix while I and this other student learned more about the assembly and function of the Red.

For the learning experience of the Red, it was interesting to post for the camera while able to see the finishing results. It was interesting to see myself moving in different frame rates from 60 fps to 90 fps. To see the clear difference between the movement of myself in different fps really remind me of those slow action shots in Matrix and give it a real high aftereffects. We then learn the difference between 4 verse 2 frame rate and learn that the large the number, the more pull back the camera shot gets while the smaller the number, the closer the center of focus become.

Story Board Project Update

story board and 2D animation demo reel

For my presentation, I want to do a combination of story board and 2D animation because I want to become a storyboard artist. I know it is important to know the process of story boarding because it is part of the job, but I also want to show my 2D animation side because it goes hand in hand with story boarding department. So for my presentation, I will do a story board and 2D animation demo reel.  I have never done a demo reel before and I want to know what I can do to improve it.

For my story board theme, I’ve start a new project that consist of three new characters. And they are the Lizard, the dog and dog’s owner who also work as a Pizza Delivery driver.

So for this story, I have made some storyboard to give example of their journey and what it will looks like.


For this story board, it shows the interaction between the Dr. Evil and the US president. In this storyboard, it shows that Dr. Evil threaten the president of the United States by reviewing his master plan to bend the will of the president into submission. In this storyboard, it shows that Dr Evil present his gravitational device to rise the sea level at his will by pulling in the Moon closer to earth. Unless his demands are met by the president, Dr. Evil will flood the world in matter of hours.


In this storyboard, it shows the Lizard and the dog trick the pizza delivery guy to take them to Dr. Evil hide out. While disguise as a regular pizza delivery, little do Dr. Evil know that our two heroes are secretly on their way to stop his operation.


In this storyboard, it shows Dr. Evil was about to start his gravitational device to flood the world. But it looks like our two heroes make it just in time to put an end to his master plan to flood the world.

Production Block Update

For this week, we shoot the film on Wednesday. We checkout the equipment by 11. We decided that we’re going to meet in studio for the shoot while Fighter is shooting in the studio tomorrow during class while we the Fortune Cookie group will leave at 4:30 to set up in Battelle.
Once again, Maggie will be our actor because she played as the waitress but she wouldn’t be here until 5pm. We then moved our stuff and begin setting up in Battelle.
Our shoot over all was ill-prepare and it took way longer than it should be. It mainly was because Matthew didn’t checked his equipment this time when he checked out the Red. The Red was acting weird because everything on screen was neon green and pink and red. Matthew was standing around like an idiot because he didn’t know what to do next or how to reset it. I end up having to going over what he need to do to set the Red back to factory default setting. We end up didn’t start shooting on time as planned because Matthew wasn’t paying attention in class on what to do when the teacher go over on how to reset the Red.  Then we have Jianan stepping too far away from the actor and keep on not picking up the sound with the boom stick. When I knew what he did wrong and tried to pointed out to him to stand closer to one of the light that I set up next to the actor, he give me shit and tried to hand me the boom stick because he think I was bossing him around when I was only giving him advise. Then we have Jenna who don’t know anything about lighting design end up trying to cancel out a shadow that takes her almost ten minutes until I step in and try to give her some advise. Once again Jenna give me shit and tell me that I can leave because she think I wasn’t doing anything in the set. I told her to stick with plan and tried to finish the shoot as planned together. Once again the shoot that we did was suppose to be simple and fast, but because Senna don’t like to do test runs, we end up re-shooting the same scene over and over again. All these wast of their own time and my time could have been easily avoid if they did what I asked them to do but they rejected my advise anyway. The scene that we shoot was when the waitress was getting the fortune cookies and when her boss end having to destroy the cookies and some add on of her trying to reach the cookies on the shelf. Once again we didn’t finished up until it was 9 or 10pm at night.
For next week plan, Fortune Cookie will shoot it’s last few scenes in the studio.

Production Blog Report 1

So for this week, we shot our scene on Monday. We checked in our equipment by 11 am and meet up for the shoot in class. While the class we discuss about what we would do for the rest of the production. We left classroom by 5 and meet up in the Seneca apartment.

Our actor for this shoot would be played by Maggie, but due to her only being available after her class is over, we end up staying in the apartment to wait for her to show up before we can shoot the product.

Even though our shoot for this day should’ve been short and simple, we ran into many problem. First of all Jenna did not double on the list of equipment that she would need, she got there before I did so she checked out only the light equipment which was the 2×2 and 2×1 light set and one flag kit. Jianan only checked out 2 C stands and 1 extension cable. Because of that, we end up having to put our set up on hold because Jenna didn’t check out 2 more extension cable like I originally planned out and asked her to do. There was barely enough power inlet in the shooting set where we were to shoot in the Kitchen scene. We end up having Matthew going back to studio to get some more extra cables. Second, Matthew didn’t check the equipment that he checked out. Because of that, we end up having to change one of the shot in the scene because one of lenses in Red was defective(mixed up with the wrong one or broken). We didn’t end up shooting until 7pm because Maggie, our Actor didn’t eat dinner and went down to get chicken wings. I asked Jenna about how many lights would we need and she said she don’t know and just set one up for now. The shoot end up on hold again and I ended up having to set up all three lights that we brought with us in the middle of the shoot because Jenna don’t know what the hell she’s doing or wanted to do. We were suppose to shoot one or two scenes in the script and it should’ve be quit and simple. But because Senna don’t know what she really want for the lights to cancel the shadows we end up spending alot of time playing with lights in the Kitchen area while she was cracking jokes and not taking the shoot seriously. Then there’s Jianan who end up having us to re-shoot some scenes because he stand too far away from the actor and couldn’t picked up the sound. In the end a quick 2 scenes with some add on took us way longer to finish and we didn’t finish it up until 10 or 11pm at night. The shoot was unorganized and barely prepare correctly.



Journal Blog WIP


This week blog, I have decided to post about the storyboard concept characters design for my storyboard, the story would revolve around three main character on the unlikely heroic adventure to save the world from the forces of evil.

And just in case if you don’t know what storyboard looks like, it looks something like this:



Since this is a work in progress blog. we would take a look at each of the three main character design to give a better understanding of this story.



This is the main character of the story, yes, it’s someone’s missing pet, but in the story, my the audiences would be seeing the world through this character and go on an adventure.


This would be the second main character which would also be accompanying the first main character, infact you can say they are going to be partners.


This is the third main character in this unlikely epic adventure. He’s going to be the handler of the first two characters above.



For this week, I went on two video shootings. The first one was done on a small park next to the apartment complex. It was huge and beautiful but the parking was terrible. It doesn’t provide any parking and we end up parking our vehicles in the only unload zone and we end up holding up traffic. We wouldn’t stay there for long because parking was nonexistence and a potty cleaning crew came and block off the only reminding opening road on a two way street. We then moved to another park next to a river and there we end our video shooting for Monday.


For the Second one which was video shooting on Wednesday, we went to German Village.


Here on the German Village location from where we do the video shooting, it was next to a restaurant. It was nice and have the feel of a small town village.


We then set the track for the Red camera rack and we start the shoot. As you can see the floor is not level so we end up having to adjust it height and level it out.


We then shoot at the corner of the street in a small neighborhood.


At our final shoot, we went to the back parking lot of a German restaurant. The owner was curious at first but don’t mind us shooting there and was actually friendly about us being there for the shoot. Then after that it rain and we head back to school.




This week Monday, we went on our week days shot for the last time before we switch to weekend film shots. This time we went to Darby Farm which is a privately own farm that grows soy beams. It was huge and it was beautiful. They switch fields to take turn to grow the soy beams so the lands stay healthy and nurtured. The ground was uneven and we end up adjusting the rail track and moving equipment alot.


Here we are setting up and adjusting the track so the shot won’t shake too much when film.


Here is the shot when we are there for the sun rise, the sky started to light up and you can start to see the sun on the horizon.


Here is the field where they are growing the soy beans. It was huge and wide.


Here is the abandon barn house that was use for storage house next to our set.


As we continue to our next shooting spot, we encounter the Buffalo field.


As we set up our equipment, they started to gather around and waiting for us to feed them or something?


As I suggested above, it was feeding time for them and we get to see them eat.


This location on the bridge was our last location shot for this shoot.


Here is one of our film crew taking pictures of the river.